So we can know what ward you live in to let you know more about the politicians in your neighbourhood. And so we can let you know where you can vote this fall!
I'd like to:
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The 2018 municipal election is our chance to elect progressive champions for our city. 

With Doug Ford as Premier in Ontario this has never been more important. Ford has his eyes on electing conservative candidates to city hall and the school board in Toronto.

On Monday Sept 10, 2018 the court ruled to quash Ford's Bill 5 - meddling in Toronto's elections — and the city has returned to 47 wards. Read the full decision here.

Join us in building our own bloc of progressive voters in Toronto to change who has power in our city and protect us from what Ford has planned for Toronto.

Commit to voting progressive and find out: 

  • the Progressive Champions that we need to elect to city council and the school board in 2018
  • how you can support them and help get them elected
  • how you can help us unseat at least one of city hall's worst councillors
  • where, when, and what you need to vote this fall

Over the next few days we will announce our urgent process for choosing candidates and wards to focus our resources on and soon after get to work on the ground in key races .